R & S were introduced by a friend in the height of wedding season and they were very patient and clear about what they wanted - something chic, unique in shape, a little wispy, touches of brown and blush among a fresh palette.

Nature delivered these beautiful brownie sweet peas, butterfly ranunculus, double brownie tulips. Complimented with a base of quicksand roses and a bright smile- and check out that clean satin dress!


Nothing too extravagant but just to dress the venue and be present in photos- took the white pleated pedestals and kept it simple, focusing on wispy lines created by foliage. They reused the vase at solemnisation for their VIP table too, and each parent got to bring one home.

There were no flower fields but I'll definitely remember the peaceful, buzzing atmosphere and their friends and family posing with the pedestals for cute photos. I'm so glad we made this work. PS- isn't this super cute??

Photography by Pixioo
Makeup and hair by MUA Susan 
Gown by Wedding Crafters
Bouquet and Set by 5AM Flowers

For Reginald & Sarah, 19.12.2021

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