Wedding Partners

No wedding happens with just the work of one. Each vendor featured here is one I've worked with, admire greatly and would hire myself. Present your 5AM invoice for perks!

Referral discounts cannot be applied on both sides and must be mentioned on first enquiry.

Knotties Frame Photography

Known for their #KFSignatureNight light painting photos, Wan Jing and Zack ace the PWS game while adding beautiful human touches to their AD photography.

The Jomu Co Weddings

As a calligrapher, Jo is meticulous in her craft. Each item is slow-made by hand, from the wood staining of welcome signs to detailed engraving on guestbooks.

Canvaseety Makeup

Shu Zhen has dolled up the likes of Nathan Hartono & Jasmine Sokko-her gorgeous eye work will catch your eye immediately as it did mine. Picture: Bottled Groove

The Perfect Statement (PG)

Clara's work is fuelled by a passion for genuine moments. She aims to go beyond taking photos to help clients connect to each other more deeply. 

Bridefully Yours (Gown)

The fairy godmother of soft and romantic wedding gowns. They also do suits as well, so you and the hubs-to-be can turn fittings into a fun date! Picture: Hey Stranger

Autelier Makeup

Autelier's skills and industry expertise need no introduction - with over 8 MUAs, you'll be sure to find one that specialises in the style you're after. Picture: Lensofmira

Bottled Groove Photo

Eugene works beautifully with both light and shadow, celebratory and moody. The result? Raw, authentic and street-photography inspired photos.


Jo and I created 95co specifically for aesthetic, DIY-friendly and portable styling items. Shop photo galleries, reception table and even your Guo Da Li backdrop.

Lush Looks Hair and Makeup

As a hair and makeup artist, Xin Er's promise of high quality products- which she nails- is all about enhancing a bride's natural look on her big day!

Lighted Pixels Pixies

Marklin's brides always gush about how fun he is to work with - and his infectious energy will make your wedding day plus put you at perfect ease for a PWS.

Zee and Elle

Offering cakes, sweets, and dessert bars; Zee and Elle's bakes are crafted by hand and inspired by lush botanicals and whimsical colours.

Perks or no, these following vendors are a joy to engage:

Tang Yong Makeup | Raine Yeo Makeup | Chi Chi Allure (Hair & Make-up)

Acapella Photography | A Merry Moment |
Hey Stranger | Smitten Pixels | Multifolds

Moment Old (Videography)

Assembly Clan (Studio/Branding)

Arches & Co. (Coordination)

Hello Joi | Medkarlek Inc | Pedestalworks | Years&Co. (Styling)

Alerisa | Wedding Crafters | The Gown Connoisseur (Gowns)