Definitely won't be able to look at this setup without "Lover" by Taylor Swift playing in the air. R & Eq both serve our nation (ahem, thank u ma friends) so it's not everyday you get to see swordbearers.

Classic reds, elevated by David Austin Tess roses and even some poppy-lookalikes that made their way past customs legally. While hedges formed the base of this setup, Eq wanted a more flowy organic look and the Empress bartop let us have the top hedge cascade! She made sure to let their PG Sam know that that we kept the bulk of the set on the floor to really have a more natural vibe, for phototaking angles. And also got a neon sign in. Hello, this couple thinks of everything! Except maybe the cheongsam, iykyk.

It was midweek, midday, but still a vibe. Here's my favourite shot of the two of them.

Photography by Pixioo
Gown by The Gown Connoisseur
Venue Set by 5AM Flowers

For Royce & En Qi, 22.12.2021

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