LQ reached out for the year's hottest date with a simple, clean and super classic palette. Quicksand roses, Ohara roses, white roses - you name it, we loved it, we bought it.
At the beautiful National Gallery
All the feels
I don't normally manicure my bouquets so much, but we did snip bits off the simple phalaenopsis- the best one selected from 5 pots - to keep it fully white, finished with almost-clear chiffon ribbon. Watching it move in videos was really something.
Communal long tables for nearest and dearest
Signing DetailsSigning details
That "I do" momentThe Celebratory Toast
Spacing constraints meant that their solemnisation was against the Gallery's internal backdrop instead of the Marina Bay skyline, but that made it all the more intimate and special.
I remember her moodboard images were bright, clean and featured floral points that were small and subtle. We decided to keep the pedestals below their heights so that they would accent the couple's outfits.
(PS. Her dress was exactly how I imagined it to be.)
Photo & Video by Love Me Tender Films
Bouquet and Set by 5AM Flowers
For LiQing & Samuel, 20.11.2021

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