Here's my floral journey.

As someone who once wanted to be a journalist and holds an advertising degree, I now weave stories with my hands.

Flowers carry meaning in many different ways, from a couple's first bouquet to the ones my own fiance made for me with market blooms and the casual "just because" bunch that carves its warmth in your heart. Perhaps I am more of a sentimental listener, because I still remember little bits of each of my couples' stories.

I've always tried to see the world through flowers, from classes in Korea taken via Papago Translate to masterclasses on a porch in Spain. I don't think I'll ever lose my thrill of learning and exploring, especially in an industry with design so fluid like ours.

Weddings carry a joy like no other, be it a single bouquet held at ROM or full installation next to a sunset. It's why I found my way here from a student looking for extra pocket money eight years ago.