Hey there, I'm Ching!

I create dreamy, wild and low-waste floral arrangements for weddings, everyday gifting and events.

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Floral Arch
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How is 5AM low-waste?

In Singapore, it’s hard for flowers to be completely eco-friendly. I'm still on this journey.

I started by recycling all packaging in the flowering process; I still do. I then introduced up-cycled jars to reduce by-waste from bouquet wrapping or buying new. These are glass jars or bottles that have been meticulously cleaned and painted for a new lease of life. They make great wedding favours, desk decor and conversation starters and are a core part of 5AM's products.

Also in my low-waste aim: reduced flower wastage through small-batch orders, repurposing partners' excess stock, low-waste flower subscriptions, and using only restored secondhand or rental props in weddings. 

While many stores now tout "environmentally-friendly", it's important to ensure sustainability and transparency in processes to be truly green. 5AM aims to reduce where possible, adapting to different situations. I hope to make these applicable to other companies and am always open to new ideas or working with partners. If you've got suggestions to make 5AM greener, would like to donate jars or save excess stock, feel free to reach out!

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If you've got a query, would like to have me for your wedding, or are interested in collaborating, just drop me an email or Instagram DM!


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