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Hey there, I'm Ching!

I create dreamy, wild and low-waste floral arrangements for weddings, gifting and events.

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How am I low-waste?

In Singapore, it’s hard for flowers to be completely eco-friendly. I'm still on this journey.

As an individual starting out, I would recycle all packaging in the flowering process. I still do. As 5AM grew, I switched to using up-cycled jars as a way to reduce by-waste from vases and bouquet wrapping. These are glass jars or bottles that that my family meticulously cleans and I paint to give a new lease of life. They make great wedding favours, desk decor and conversation starters, and I use them in all jar/vase products unless otherwise requested. 

As part of my low-waste aim: reduced flower wastage through small-batch orders, drying & donating all usable flowers to elderly activity centres, and using only secondhand (restored, of course) or rental props in weddings. 

While the ultimate gold standard is zero waste, I first hope to make my existing processes sustainable and applicable to other companies. I'm always open to new ideas and working with partners - if you've got an idea or suggestions to make 5AM greener, feel free to reach out!

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