Corporates, Reimagined.

I believe flowers suit a unique marketing purpose, be it for events, gifts or internal workshops.

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Brands I've worked with

Fresh & preserved flower floral workshops for staff

Mini preserved bouquets for internal Valentine's Day fundraising sales

Fresh floral decor accompaniments for a regional marketing workshop

Marketing & Styling

Product, Events & Spaces

Product and fashion launches, dinners, storefronts/offices and publicity activations - I'll work with you to style your space in a way that brings across your brand and marketing objectives. 

Custom FLorals

Corporate Gifting

One-off bouquets, gift boxes, or floral decor for gift-with-purchase deals, all in a colourway that's on-brand.

The ultimate fuss-free: You may also purchase existing bouquet designs at special bulk rates.

Staff Welfare/Activities


My signature "up-cycled floral jamming" takes participants through a stress-free introductory floral session. I encourage low waste in my workshops by using up-cycled jars.

Perfect for a company retreat or day off!