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Flower Care

How do I look after fresh flowers?

If you're shooting with the bouquet, remember to constantly place your bouquet back in its vase. Just as we need to drink water when the weather is hot, flowers need to re-hydrate!

For gift bouquets, I recommend unwrapping them by the next day and placing in a proper vase source. Change the water in the vase regularly to keep it clean, and trim the stem ends so they can take in water.

How long can my fresh flowers last?

It depends highly on the Singapore heat! Generally, my customers find they last an average of 3-5 days. If you've used them in a shoot with hot weather, this does take some life out of them.

I personally mix hardier varieties with the Pinterest-favourites that have shorter shelf life, so you can still enjoy some stems.

Flowers are fleeting, but that makes them all the more beautiful.

How do I care for preserved flowers?

These should stay away from water, pronto! If you do get water on them from a beach shoot or rainy weather, try to dry them as much as possible in the sun to prevent mould from forming.

If your house is humid, quite like my own, silica gel packets and thirsty hippo can help. Do look out for mould during rainy seasons and if that happens, snip off any parts to prevent it spreading.

Order & Delivery T&Cs

Can I cancel my order?

As each bouquet is made to order and fresh bouquets often customised, orders cannot be cancelled or refunded as I'll have purchased the materials for you.

In light of Covid, you may postpone your delivery date for bouquets if more than 30 days' notice is given.

How do your delivery slots work?

Your bouquet will arrive anytime within the timeslot indicated, as scheduled by my external courier hence no specific timing requests are allowed. You may top up for 1hr express delivery (+$15).

During rainy weather, we hope you can be a bit more patient with the cutoff timing so our drivers can be more careful on the roads.

Just Curious...

Why are flowers so expensive?

Your flowers travel carefully from across the world and shipping cost increases and lockdowns add to the price. Flowers used in arrangements are carefully cultivated for quality, stem length and shelf life - far more than those you could "pick from the roadside".

As we have to purchase flowers in bulk for each single custom order, I have fixed minimums for floral arrangements that bring you premium variety with cost efficiency.

Are preserved flowers the same as fresh?

Preserved flowers unfortunately do not afford the same variety and colour tones as fresh flowers. If you like big, lush blooms and green leaves, fresh is for you!

Preserved flowers do lend themselves well to rustic/autumn palettes so if you like brown leaves and don't mind a smaller bouquet, the perks of keeping it could well make up for this.

I messaged you on Instagram but haven't received a reply! How should I contact you?

I do apologise for that! I've noticed that Instagram tends to restrict my messages and have moved to email. If you're waiting on an email from me too, please check your junk or spam folder as that does happen for Hotmail or Live accounts.

We are very dependent on technology and issues do happen, so if you haven't heard from me, feel free to drop me a reminder just in case :)