I've been saving this special one for a while - they say wedding planning is a journey of exploring working styles and managing stress with each other; but these dear friends have shown me over the past two years that it's just the beginning of a ride of love, patience and growth.
C fell in love with Chijmes' interior and booked this venue immediately- we knew that the florals had to complement, not take away from the stage, so we kept it low with asymmetrical hedges. With her favourite colours coinciding with the hall's stained glass windows, it was definitely meant to be.
A+C didn't have a request for flowers - but they wanted olive leaves for their symbolism of peace and grace. The wedding verses featuring the parable of the fig tree, painstakingly vinyl printed by Jo of The Jomu Co, now flank their living room console.

Special mention to this flatlay, which needed three guys, a florist and a staircase to put together.

Also, peep their decor shifted to the craziest night venue - Loof, almost across the road!
Photography by Kai Picture Keneth
Videography by Moment Old
Hair and Makeup by Tang Yong Makeup
Bouquet and Set by 5AM Flowers / The Jomu Co
Stationery by Letters and Olives Co
For Andy and Cassandra, 30.01.2021

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