I have always known A as my childhood best friend’s super caring elder brother. But it is true that kindred spirits find each other, for J also shares many similar interests, and they are both so kind and carry themselves with such grace.
J is very passionate about the environment and we’ve been blessed to have many conversations about it. I truly enjoyed sharing where flowers come from, balancing aesthetics between carbon footprints and the other by products that come from flowering. We settled on a bouquet largely made from blooms that have been trucked over. Tropical, but still gorgeous.

Here’s her beautiful fur baby Emmy making an entrance.

Photography by
 Bottled Groove
Makeup and hair by The Glow Beauty Bar 
Cheongsam by Mama and Misse
Veil by Artisanal Flair
Suit by Suit Supply
Bouquet and Set by 5AM Flowers

For Andrew & JoAnn, 16.07.2022

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