If you would like to make this product extra special, feel free to enquire about possible customisations via email or Instagram direct message.

If you're planning a DIY yet fuss-free celebration, this one's for you: Be it for a home, hotel or restaurant venue, these items are easy to style, set-up and take down in a jiffy. 


Additionally, personalise your rental set with add-ons for keeps- details below.


What's in the set: (Pics 1-2 only)

  • 3 x Gold photo frames (quotes can be replaced with pictures)
  • Bronze octagon geometric trinket tray
  • Rose gold hexagon trinket box;
  • Gold bell jar
  • 12" easel sign with calligraphy from The Jomu Co (choose between fixed designs in Pic 3)
  • 2-3 cloth pieces in your chosen shades;
  • Detailed trinkets (ribbon spools & preserved flower clusters)

Please note that floral arrangements in pictures are purchased separately.


Add-on for Keeps:

  • Preserved rose flower jar @ $60 (Pic 3), OR


Add-on Set for Keeps:

  • Sign upgrade to custom quote of choice from The Jomu Co; wood sign options available
  • Preserved double rose jar (Pic 4) in colour palette of choice
  • Hexagon/Round ring dish in colour palette of choice from Hands Design (Pic 5)

i.e. You'll still be renting the props, but you get to personalise and keep the easel sign, preserved flowers and ring dish for future use as home decor.


Rental period is 5 days. Please note that there is a security deposit of $50 paid & returned in cash for self pick-ups. If two-way delivery ($25) is selected, the $50 is added on to the total amount and will be refunded via your credit card upon the set return.


Additional perks: If you are purchasing a bridal bouquet from me, delivery is free and will be refunded to your card accordingly.

Table Prop Rental: Vol.2

  • As rental items are fragile, wear and tear is expected but item breakages are to be paid accordingly ($50 for easel sign, $15/prop).

    Add-on jar: With proper care, preserved roses can last 1-2 years depending on the humidty of your area. Keep out of direct sunlight and avoid water.

  • Two-way delivery is $25; with the $50 rental deposit included in the delivery fee to be refunded to your credit card upon return of items in working condition.

    OR: Self pick up at my studio in Bartley.