If you would like to make this product extra special, feel free to enquire about possible customisations via email or Instagram direct message.

Keeping your wedding decor minimal and sleek, or adding a personalised touch to a solemnisation table set up? This bundle's for you. You can't go wrong with a custom sign, flower jar, and ring dish - each made according to your preference and suitable for home decor after the celebrations.


PS. You're saving a nifty $10 off our items too!


What you'll get:

  1. 12" sign with calligraphy from The Jomu Co
    Available in acrylic or wood, with personalised quote of choice in Jo's signature calligraphy.
  2. Preserved double rose upcycled jar
    This popular gifting pick turned into one for home solemnisations amidst Covid times! Pick a colour palette of choice and let me do the work for you. Swap to a mug arrangement with your wedding date & initials at no extra charge (let me know in comments) if you would like something more compact.
  3. Hexagon resin ring dish (11.5cm diameter, 1.2cm thick) or Circle resin dish (10cm diameter) from Hands Design
    Ray slow-pours each ring dish by hand. Different pigments react and swirl differently, making each piece unique. Pick 2-3 colours and wait for the magic to happen.


Please note a turnover time of 7-10 working days as each set is carefully crafted to order.


Additional perks: If you are purchasing a bridal bouquet from me, enjoy $10 off (refunded to your payment mode).

Wedding DIY: Flower Jar + Sign + Ring Dish

$165.00 Regular Price
$155.00Sale Price
Rose Colour
  • Preserved flowers: With proper care, preserved roses can last 1-2 years depending on the humidty of your area. Keep out of direct sunlight and avoid water.

    Resin dish: While dish is food-safe, do wash before usage.

  • Complimentary doorstep delivery within timeslot stated. If delivery fails due to incorrect details/no one home to receive, redelivery will be charged accordingly.