If you would like to make this product extra special, feel free to enquire about possible customisations via email or Instagram direct message.

My preserved bridal bouquets have a unique style - if it's up your alley, cross it off your wedding checklist immediately by checking out online. PS. free delivery!


While preserved bouquets may not offer the same range of flower types and dramatic size as fresh, they can last 6 months to over a year with proper care. They are perfect for shoots or ROMs and can often be repurposed as a jar arrangement for your AD or home. Bouquets come with satin ribbon; the silk ribbon option is to upgrade!


Each bridal bouquet has:

Classic: 3 preserved roses, a touch of preserved hydrangea, and matching dried fillers in a colour scheme of choice. (Pic 1-2)

Upsize: 5-6 preserved roses, preserved hydrangea and/or cotton and matching dried fillers. (Pic 4-8)

Deluxe: 7-8 preserved roses, preserved hydrangea and/or cotton, matching dried fillers (Pic 9) OR Upsize with extra fillers (Pic 10)


Bouquets are normally fan shaped but you may request for a rounder shape (e.g. Pic 4) in the comments if your bouquet is upsize or larger.



1. Pick a colour scheme.

Let me know your favourite colour, your groom's favourite, or a general scheme (e.g. blues/neutrals, pastel pink). You may refer to Pic 3 for a brief guide.


2. Pick your fillers and shape.

I've got two types - white fillers that are perfect for a luxe classic look, or earthy rustic tones for outdoor shoots.


Discounted Add-Ons you might find useful:

- Matching preserved rose boutounniere +$20

- Hand-dyed silk ribbon (1.5-2.5" width, 1.5yards) +$25 - for full rolls please DM me

- Loose hair florals are complimentary, upon request to avoid wastage.


Repurposing your bouquet:

- Store in a non-humid environment like cupboard or container (silica gel packs preferred), out of sunlight to prevent bleaching of colours, especially if you are keeping for future shoots or events.

- For display as-is, simply pop into a vase or jar.

- For something more compact, I can take back your bouquet and turn it into a coaster set or jar/mug desk arrangement at a small fee


I will craft your bouquet according to your choices with seasonal dried fillers in my usual style. You will not receive the same bouquet in any of the pictures as no flower is the same, making each unique. In the (very) rare event that I am unable to accommodate your colour palette due to supply chain issues, I will contact you asap.


Once your order is placed I will process and deliver your bouquet on the date chosen- all you have to do is wait for your bouquet to arrive. In order to be fair to my bespoke brides, I ask that you do not request for further choosing of the bouquet. My style is consistent, allowing for an efficient purchase process.

Preserved Bridal Bouquet

  • I like to treat preserved flowers as I would a prized book - keep out of water, keep out of direct sunlight (to avoid bleaching of colour), best in a cupboard to prevent dust (else clean gently with a tissue), and out of a humid environment to prevent mould.