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From nudes and neutrals, to darker coral and mauve tones or brights, the possibilities for preserved bouquets are endless. Each season brings new colour trends and dried filler types while the flowers themselves remain timeless and lasting.


How to order:

Pick your colour scheme and/or other preferences such as wrapping style in the box below. You can also describe your recipient's personality and leave it up to me, if you're not sure on the exact colours to pick. For eg., "she's really cheery and doesn't like pink" could get you a yellow bouquet or a peachy one.


Each arrangement has:

The same value of flowers- 4-5 preserved roses, at least one garden, and 2-3 stalks of cotton, achieving bouquets of consistent size.

Dozen with upsized fillers @ $235click here to purchase


Preserved roses should last anywhere from 6 months-2 years depending on your house's humidity. The dried filler flowers can last much longer. Do not place in direct sunlight or let them come into contact with water.

Luxe Preserved Bouquet (Custom)

Delivery Timeslot
  • Each bouquet is individually made to order.

    Luxe: 17-18" height
    Upsize: 21-22" height

  • Bouquet comes with free courier delivery within the timeslot selected. Do make sure you enter the full address under "Shipping Information" at checkout!

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