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Subtle home decor, a thoughtful gift, a wedding centrepiece for keeps - you decide what it'll be. These one-of-a-kind arrangements are created from a mix of dried and preserved flowers in ceramic vases. This January's drop is subtly CNY-themed by colour - it's the perfect way to dress up a table, but also become a perennial piece for the home. First purchased, first sold (you may send them to someone at a later date). Prices include complimentary courier delivery.


Basket of Plums features dried palm caps, preserved hydrangea, handmade Japanese wooden flowers and ruscus in darker oriental colours and a tasteful mauve ceramic vase (smooth finishing). Flip the vase for a different look!


A youthful take on what lies beyond the rainbow, Pot of Gold features a cheery preserved sunflower in a ridge-surface ceramic arch vase, with an assortment of dainty dried fillers and preserved hydrangea. This fully-finished arrangement is designed to brighten up a room.


A note on future collections: while I aim to have more capsule launches, I've only bought one of each vase type. In the rare event that I decide on a re-order, arrangements will vary as we discover new dried flower types.


With proper care, preserved flowers usually last 6 months-1 year depending on the humidty of your area. Keep out of direct sunlight and avoid water. Vases can certainly be repurposed once the arrangement has reached the end of its lifespan.

Handful of Flowers- Preserved Flower Decor

  • Each jar arrangement is individually made to order.

    Jar heights:
    Autumn Blossom (arch)- 9"
    Purple Button (circle)- 6"
    Sunshine & Coast (shells)- 7"

    Arrangement heights:
    Sunshine- 43cm
    Coast- 48cm

  • Arrangement comes with free courier delivery within the timeslot selected. Do make sure you enter the full address under "Shipping Information" at checkout!

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