Nothing beats having fresh flowers - except maybe sharing them. The Market Subscription gives you flexibility and just over 10% off my Fri/Sat seasonal bunches. Pop them in a vase at home or opt to have them delivered to a friend instead.


If you don't mind a spontaneous bunch twice a month for your home, that's even better. With Flower Sharing, you're helping to minimise our flower wastage - and saving some extra cool dollars, too.

If you need a tailored corporate or office subscription, simply drop me an email and I'll arrange one for you.


Choose how you'd like your flowers:

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    Market Subscriptions

    Every month
    Fill your home with flowers, or send them to friends.
    • Market bunches, delivered fortnightly on Fri/Sat.
    • Save 10% on your bunches!
  • Flower Sharing

    Every month
    For the low-waste consumer.
    • You'll receive a bunch any day within a 2-week period.
    • By sharing my flowers, enjoy more than 35% off retail price!

Plans are set to auto-renew, charged every month. Of course, you may cancel anytime.